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Magic hat album

This almost award winning song was slated for the big first prize
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of the High Kabal of pharmaceutical industry billionaires .
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Divotones CD Magic Hat


This public service announcement is brought to you in conjunction
with university & medical studies to inform you that drugs such as DIVOTOX
can be dangerous & addictive & extreme caution should be used with this or
any other psychotropic compound

Women should be especially careful & if you are pregnant,
were pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant.
Or if your mother or grandmother ever gave birth to a baby in the past.
Ask you Dr. if DIVOTOX is right for you

If you have difficulty standing, sitting, seeing, breathing,
eating or sleeping Or if you cannot respirate, urinate, defacate
or get a date check with your health care professional
to see if your dosage of DIVOTOX is correct

I'm not happy yea that makes me sad
Feelin pretty crappy about the life I've had
Must have been some kind of sick Fregosi curse
Keep takin that stuff And makin it worse

Do you sometimes feel cranky, crabby, angry or confrontational to family,
friends, co-workers & loved one. s Does your depression follow you around
like a black robe, a dark cloud or a hole in the ground.
If so do not stop taking DIVOTOX & call your physician right away

As with all medication of this type do not drive a car,
operate a killdozer or fire any artillery piece over 75 mm within
500 yards of a school or church. And by no means combine DIVOTOX
with any other drug of any other type.


Good morning Dr. Whipsaws office
Yes hello, hello is the Dr. there ? This is an emergency ?
Were sorry sir I don't think the Dr. is in the office & I think he's playing golf
so we'll call the course. Hello sir The Dr's not at the course
so we think he might be playing polo calling the club right now.
We're so sorry sir, Polo is on tuesday & sailing on thursday
so we're calling his yacht phone right now Please hold
Hello sir Can you believe it The Dr's been right here
in the office the whole time !!! Hello sir Hello Hello


And check out this review from David Eldredge at the Illinois Entertainer:

"With a mix of socio-politico-sexual satire and guitar-driven rock not heard since The Tubes’ heyday, the crusading duo behind The Divotones continue their singular musical mission to move the listener’s feet via simultaneous attack of both ears and funny bone. While the riffs might, at times, sound a bit obvious, the slick and sure-handed production on fourth CD Magic Hat is otherwise well-suited to the material at hand and – in the case of “Hell No! That Ain’t No Sock,” a paean to groupies, which leaves nothing to the imagination – occasionally reaches for the stars." (

– David C. Eldredge


Copyright 2015 Edward Placha - The Divotones. All rights reserved.