The Divotones Discography

Over the past few years Ed & Ron have created some of the funniest songs ever written. Take a close listen and you'll have to agree. No one and nothing is sacred or off limits. They just call them as they see them-- much to everyone's enjoyment!

Their songs reflect almost every style of music out there, from blues to metal, from new age to reggae, and everything in between. Click here to buy your copy now!

Thermo Nuclear
G-String Meltdown

Another totally rocking cool CD by The Divotones!

Dynamite songs on a variety of topics that are sure to get a reaction from everyone! Have a listen and see what you think.

Pending official review. Check it out now!

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Divotones CD - Magic HatMagic Hat

The madness continues! The Divotones 5th and latest release is their best yet!

Magic Hat features songs like Half Mad Nomad, Her Favorite Temptation, She Loves Bob, Poling Place, Magic Hat and many more. The songs cover a wide range of styles from hot blues to searing guitar instrumentals. You gotta check it out. Have a free test listen at iTunes below! Just search The Divotones.

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Check out this review from David Eldredge at the Illinois Entertainer:

With a mix of socio-politico-sexual satire and guitar-driven rock not heard since The Tubes’ heyday, the crusading duo behind The Divotones continue their singular musical mission to move the listener’s feet via simultaneous attack of both ears and funny bone. While the riffs might, at times, sound a bit obvious, the slick and sure-handed production on fourth CD Magic Hat is otherwise well-suited to the material at hand and – in the case of “Hell No! That Ain’t No Sock,” a paean to groupies, which leaves nothing to the imagination – occasionally reaches for the stars. (

– David C. Eldredge

Test Tube Trauma CD by the DivotonesTest Tube Trauma

Our Test Tube Trauma CD is now available exclusively to  
the public! The Divotones 4th & most ambitious effort to date is packed from start to finish with a crazy cool musical journey encompassing different genres with insightful and comedic lyrical content to compliment the theme.  Love, hate, freedom,tyranny, comedy, tragedy? Its all in there and lots of fun to listen to!

Test Tube Trauma features songs like Pimp Wars, Pack 'O Rats, One Day Longer, Strip Club 10,000 B.C., Atomic Blonde and Match.Commie. Plus we wrote a little tune called the Wedding Song...and it ain't your Momma's Wedding Song either!

Take a look at some of the outrageous artwork. Click here to buy your copy now!

Check out this review from Jeff Berkwitsat the Illinois Entertainer:

While Tenacious D may be the most infamous creators of tongue-in-cheek cock rock. THE DIVOTONES definitely give them a run for their money. These prolific joke-sters have issued two fresh CD's " Cobra Queen " and " Test Tube Trauma " each featuring a dozen songs with titles like " Broke Back Mountin " and " Match Dot Commie " Though there are a few straight numbers , when it comes to heavy metal crudity these local legends blend humor, hormones and hard rocking riffs like no other !

– Jeff Berkwits

Cobra Queen
Cobra Queen CD by the Divotones
This is our third release and we focused on the fun as well as the serious issues of our day. Take a listen and see what yoiu think!

Cobra Queen features the funny with songs like Broke Back Mountin', Turn Off Your Mantennae, The Cripple Cub and Ladies Murder Network. Plus we make a few social comments with A Safer Place and Freedom From Fear.

And don't miss the special Official Divotones Visual Stimulus Package (video) included on the disc! We had fun making it and you'll laugh your ass off watching it.

Check out the Cobra Queen! Click here to buy your copy now!

That Gorilla Mine
That Gorilla Mine CD
Our first CD of all original songs that, per our chosen modus operandi, branches off into various styles & genres while never losing sight of good, solid, guitar driven Rock 'n Roll! This CD will keep you laughing with the clever lyrics and rockin' with the awesome music.

The Divotones are fast becoming almost famous for their ability to humorously address any number of sensitive social issues in a comical, jovial, intelligent, entertaining and (important!) non sue-able format!

11 incredible good songs on a great party CD, including That Gorilla Mine, She's Fat, Little Blue Pill, Golf's the Game, Bhagwan with the Bigwan, Hot Pink Hearse Ride to Hell and more!! Take a listen!

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Gotta Have a Panty Sandwich CDGotta Have A Panty Sandwich

Our sophomore effort is the new raucous & rockin' CD called "Gotta Have A Panty Sandwich.". It is absolutely sure to please anyone who likes music and has a sense of humor!

12 kick-ass tunes that run a wide range of styles and subjects. If we don't entertain and amuse you then we have failed miserably! How can you not love songs about Hollywood Pee-Lates, Real Bad Habits (Nuns!), Reborn As A Stripper Pole, Farm & Fleet, Nazti in Bed, Hey Tyga (Tiger Woods) and lots more fun!

This CD has more of everything that The Divotones stand for and believe in. And we think one listen to this CD and you will agree that The Divotones dollar menu deal is the best bang for the buck! We think you're gonna love "Gotta Have a Panty Sandwich" - Always Guaranteed Fresh!

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