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Each of The Divotones CD's are available for $9.99 with shipping included! Or buy our first 3 CD's for just $24.99 (shipping included) and get a very cool 17" x 11" poster featuring 10 official Divotones illustrations of original artwork by the world famous Ed Mironiuk.

Any of our CD's will take you on a cranking fun ride through a variety of musical styles and comedic raucous subject matter! We are confident you will enjoy all of them. Digital downloads are cool but we think a CD sent directly to you is a better deal! These are professionally manufactured CD's of the highest quality & sound plus they look great!

Thanks again -- Ed & Ron -- The Divotones

CD #1 - The Divotones "That Gorilla Mine"

Our first CD of all original songs that, per our chosen modus operandi, branches off into various styles & genres while never losing sight of good solid guitar-driven Rock 'n Roll! You'll love all the various songs and laugh until your side hurts!

Just $9.99!

CD #2 - The Divotones "Gotta Have A Panty Sandwich"

Enjoyed for many generations by every culture on the globe!! Brought to you exclusively by The Divotones & proving without question that our dollar deal menu is by far the best!

Just $9.99!

CD #3 - The Divotones "Cobra Queen"

More raucous rock and roll tunes along with some songs about things in society that really bug us. 12 kick-ass tunes that run a wide range of styles and subjects. If we don't entertain and amuse you, then we have failed miserably!

This 3rd CD has more of everything The Divotones stand for and believe in. Included on the CD is a crazy, short little video that we made to explain just what the Divotones are all about!

Just $9.99!

CD #4 - The Divotones "Test Tube Trauma"

And it only gets better! Our fourth release, Test Tube Trauma, will keep you on the edge of your seat..until you fall off laughing! Nothing is scared! We go after everything in this crazy cool musical journey, encompassing different genres with insightful & comedic lyrical content. It's love, hate, freedom, tyranny, comedy, tragedy and a dash of the insane!

Just $9.99!

CD #5 - The Divotones "Magic Hat"

The Divotones do it again with crazy lyrics about just about any subject you can think of! And even some you never thought about!! The musical styles in this new CD are off the charts with smooth guitars, hot vocals and tight, pincy tunes that will be in your head for days! Grab your copy of Magic Hat today!

Just $9.99!

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Enjoy the first three Divotones CDs
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