Coming Attractions

We are currently recording our third CD of all original swanky, staunchy, funky and raunchy humor-driven Rock 'n Roll! Tentatively titled "Broke Back Mountin'," it's based on a real life experience having nothing to do with that gay cowboy movie! The illustration shown should make it pretty clear that this is a tantalizing testimonial to our wonderful and compassionate care givers! Yes, they really do care and, yes, they really do give!


Yeah, that's right. To promote our last CD, we decided to bring it on home. Take a peek!

And speaking of contests, based on the overwhelming positive response to our "Panty Sandwich " contest (which was won by the beautiful and tempestuous "Val" who had the novel idea of adding a personal touch by delivering her panties in person instead of mailing them in...). No rules were broken because we never made any rules. Brilliant!

So our new viewer/fan participation game invites you, either male or female, to submit your own recollection of similar experiences as the care giver or care receiver! Either side could be the winning entry, plus you could have your experience immortalized in song! So don't delay. Just remember that someday, somebody somewhere is gonna win something!!
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