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HALFMAD NOMAD is a new creative writing enterprise being developed for the multimedia and entertainment markets by Ed Placha. It is all about original ideas and a one of a kind creative mind!

• Music - All genres
• Lyrics- All subjects
• Comedy & Humor - From wholesome to downright trashy!

We've been working on movie scripts, sitcoms, original characters, super heroes, funny stories, humorous & sexy artwork, crazy cool babes, wild scenarios and more.

If you are familiar with my work and have delved into The Divotones unique brand of "Comedy that Cranks," then you probably
have a pretty good idea of what we are capable of both lyrically and musically. Nobody writes quite like The Halfmad Nomad!

Our creative humor is a fun mix of modern and vintage slang with lots of clever play on words. We also have great command of the English language. So if you are producing any kind of creative endeavor and have the need for my unique skills & imagination, feel free to contact me directly.

We have excellent Ai Ai (ability to interpret an idea) and can create customized programs to fit your needs. And we always have lots of new material on the back burner, so give us a call today!

-- Edward Placha, The Divotones Halfmad Nomad

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Phone: 1.847.275.7308

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