All About The Divotones


YES! All of those descriptive adjectives are accurate & true!

The Divotones are a creative musical outfit hailing from the Chicago area that, despite having so much fun, are serious musicians. Their music is funny but they are not just fooling around!

Consisting of the songwriting and recording duo of Edward "Eddie Cargo" Placha and Ron "Uno Hombre Haracito" Gonzalez, The Divotones create songs inspired by the love of life and people, mixed with equal portions of laughter and lunacy.

Often chastised and misunderstood, The Divotones just wanna have fun!! Because if you can't make fun of people, WHO THE HELL IS LEFT??? And what better way to have fun than to get some loud guitars, amps and drums to lay down some smokin Rock 'n Roll tunes? Now throw in some crazy cool beautiful women, cleverly funny lyrics, some controversial subject matter with whacky scenarios and you get our unique view of the world!

Better buckle up!

Now we know it ain't cool to talk about yourself too much, so please check out the "Notable Quotes" on our special features page for some non-solicited reviews! The Divotones would like to thank everybody for stopping by. We would be thrilled and honored if we are able to treat your ears, test your brain and tickle your funny-bone— all at the same time! Have Fun!

And don't miss a special page of the artwork from my great friend, Ed Mironiuk. His incredible artwork is featured on my "Panty Sandwich" CD.

Ed & Ron -- The Divotones

Edward Placha- Songwriter in Chicago
Ed Placha

Ron Gonzalez
Copyright 2015 Edward Placha - The Divotones. All rights reserved.
Copyright 2015 Edward Placha - The Divotones. All rights reserved.